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My Design Hero #004 Paula Scher

Having worked as a creative myself during my career I thought it would be great to share some of my own design heroes as part of my “‘behind the designer” series. 

I have always had a passion and admiration for the everyday graphic design that we as a consumer take for granted, and this was driven by my previous work in advertising, especially in the Out Of Home (OOH) market. Big billboards that have a massive impact for the marketing of brands big and small. 

I first discovered the graphic designer Paula Scher during a holiday to New York. I have traveled to NYC many times in the last 20+ years and it was very apparent that the city is a massive canvas for the work of Paula Scher. From the Museum of Modern Art to The Highline - her work would follow you around the city. 

Her groundbreaking vision in a medium dominated by men, Paula’s style and the way she works has set the bar extremely high. Her work is instantly recognisable, and it straddles fine art and pop culture and she has been described as one of the most influential graphic designers in the world, and that is clear to see in her work. 

Scher’s work can be seen across a wide variety of designs. From design systems to packaging and publications. Recognised for her work with brands including Coca Cola, Microsoft and the Museum of Modern Art to name just a few. 

Paula Scher’s portfolio of work is an impressive display and testament to her design and her way of working. Her work is truly inspirational and aspirational and New York City would look very different without her personal style. 

Check out the Netflix documentary “Abstract” which features an episode all about Paula Scher and her work.

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