• Matthew Kiziltan

How important is creative for your business?

Now, this is a topic that has many different angles and avenues but the main theme and goal still remain the same - To drive the business forward. 

Design means taking a risk and being creative allows this to happen. Without risk and research, there is no advancement of a product whether that be a digital or physical design. Having a design team that consists of one person or a team will not only drive the vision of the business but also push the capabilities further and explore the unexpected too. 

Design never really stops, it simply keeps producing. Design is about evolution, thinking about the future based on what we have learned in the past. 

Although not everyone will agree with your work, success in design can be measured in many different ways. Being a designer is personal and the process an individual one. Every project starts with a blank piece of paper, a computer screen or simply an idea. And this is what I personally love about design! 

We are in an information-driven era. The information and data that is available to us is key to the design process. Research is vital in producing design ideas, a sort of catch 22 scenario. No one will trust you with their product until you can prove or show what your designs are capable of. 

What does design drive? Does it drive the business or does the business model/product influence the impact of the creative idea? In my opinion, there is no right or wrong answer here. Pushing a design idea is achieved through adapting, and a business that is versatile and malleable will be a step ahead of their competitors. 

I see creative recruitment and building design teams a little like architecture - you can build anything. The beauty of design is the creative process never stops, it just keeps evolving. And the best designers are those that are agile in their approach. 

These are of course my thoughts but what do you think?

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