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Behind The Designer #001 Rodrigo Rodriguez

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Welcome to Behind The Designer, a series where I interview designers and creatives of all levels and experience within my network and celebrate their work, and find out a little bit more about them. I am pleased to welcome the very talented Motion Designer Rodrigo Rodriguez as the first in this new series.

How did you get into design

I actually always knew what I wanted to be, I believe when you choose the creative or artistic path it is because it manifests at an early age, call it talent or vocation but you just know that you have it in you. I was drawing and sketching by the age of 4 and I've always had a fascination for film, especially animated or sci-fi and anything that was outside reality. I started writing my own stories in the form of short comics at the back of all my high school notepads. My parents didn't think I would be able to make a living as an animator or a cartoon artist so I decided to check the graphic design curriculum at Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Bogota, and luckily for me it had illustration, life drawing, and moving image modules so that's how I landed in the world of design. I would spend my uni years, learning about composition, geometry, typography, illustration techniques, the theory of color, corporate image, web design and so on. Luckily for me graphic design was a very challenging path and gave me solid structures to decide my options after graduating. 

Who are you design heroes

There is brilliant talent out there so it is hard to choose one, but from the graphic design perspective, I would choose Saul Bass. He brought graphic design into film, creating beautiful title sequences for big Hollywood movies and then becoming a Film Director himself. From animation and illustration school I would say Yukai Du @Bliink animation studio, I love her unique style and abstract shapes. Her impeccable designs and seeing her storyboards are simply breathtaking.  

Where do you see design heading in the next 5 years

I am seeing incredible changes coming, we are going to see a lot more play with responsive design and real-time type integrations into video using AR and VR frameworks, immersive VR films, and interactive experiences at all levels. As more brands look to use motion design to stand out on their social and digital channels, they’ll need to define their unique voice and stylistic approach and as technology continues to develop more audiences will want to see crafty and more conventional forms of designs, so we will continue to see books and magazines on shelves, perhaps not at the same scale but I doubt the editorial industry would completely fade for the digital. We will probably continue to see solutions for sustainable design and the intention to reduce or completely eliminate negative environmental impacts through thoughtful designs. This concept will be applied across all fields of design but mainly seen in buildings or products.

What are you working on right now

I just signed a contract until the end of December with OTRO, it is a sports brand and they have a variety of films coming so I will be creating lots of motion graphics and title sequences for these. It is an exciting and newish brand, so they are very open to my ideas and have given me a lot of freedom in terms of style and art direction. 

Looking back what advice would you give yourself as a junior designer?

Don't take anything for granted or compare your work with others, I like the saying "be bad until you are good" and trust the process, dedication is the key. The competition may look overwhelming but there are still a lot of opportunities for new designers, so continue to develop your skills and style, and networking is really easy nowadays, so attending events with people in the industry is always useful for newbies. Keep on reading and drawing on paper before jumping to the computer. Learning new methods and platforms, become your own project manager and make the most of your spare time, feed your mind traveling as much as possible and visit museums, galleries, and exhibitions. Be mindful and meditate regularly, we live in a fast pace world so we always have to take a pause and give ourselves a rest. Have fun creating too, not many people get paid to do what they love!

Many thanks to Rodrigo for being the first in the series Behind The Designer.

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